Delicious Salads, Soups & Spuds!

We pride ourselves on providing you the freshest and finest quality ingredients every day, so stop by your nearest Salad Station today and get creative!

Our CompanyOwners Cindy & Scott Henderson (mother and son) come from a rich history of family, food, and farming. Cindy grew up in a farming family raising strawberries and all types of vegetables. Later in life, Cindy decided to open a retail outlet for the family's fresh produce. Cindy now has 3 retail produce outlets named Berry Town Produce. Cindy's son and partner, Scott, has worked for his mom and dad at Berry Town his whole life. Two years after graduating high school, Scott decided to open a restaurant, Buddies Bar & Grill. Buddies is now an award winning restaurant which specializes in steaks. In 2012 Cindy and Scott were seperately cultivating an idea of a salad restaurant incorporating fresh produce with friendly and fast service. After discovering the irony of both of their visions, Cindy & Scott, with the help of Dad ( the book keeper!), decided to take another leap of faith. On June 4, 2012 The Salad Station was born. Now only a short time after opening our first store, The Salad Station is quickly moving to markets near YOU! Our Company

Scott Henderson - President / Founder

Cindy Henderson - Vice President / Co Founder

Ronny Henderson - Chief Financial Officer

Amy Henderson - Corporate Office

Haliegh Sharp - Marketing Coordinator

Kevin Laurent - St. Tammany Regional Manager

Laurie Plaisance - Fagan Store Manager

Virginia Pittman - DT Store Manager

Courtney Leverett - Covington Store Manager

Elizabeth Raymond - Mandeville Store Manager

Ashley Finch - Amite Franchise Owner

Michael Liuzza - Corporate Chef